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Whether you dream of seeing all of the colorful fish in the sea or simply want to feel the rush of the open water, Scuba Ventures can turn your dream into a reality.
Scuba diving

Certified Scuba Diving

Becoming a certified scuba diver is a three-step process – classroom training or e-learning, pool sessions, and then the open water training dives. You'll be introduced to the underwater world, and you'll learn the proper use of diving equipment, skills, and safety procedures on how to become a certified scuba diver. 

Our certified instructors provide hands-on training, allowing you to become comfortable in the water.

Be in Good Health

You must be in good physical health, complete and sign all medical forms and releases, and sign a student learning contract. The minimum age requirement is 10 years of age. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. There is no upper age limit, but good general health is required.

Dive Safely

With our exclusive "Comfort Through Repetition" teaching method, it is easy to build your knowledge and learn the rules that must be followed to dive safely. Prior to our class, you must complete the e-learning tutorial and assessments. Our professional teaching materials include e-learning, a log book, dive tables, and a student registration folder.

Feel Comfortable in the Water

You attend 2 - 3 classroom sessions, 2-3 pool training sessions, and 2 open water sessions where you learn and demonstrate scuba skills to your instructor. The maximum open water class size is 10 students, plus your instructor and teaching assistants. Safety, your comfort, and fun is our main goal.

Learn Scuba Diving Skills

• Moving in water with ease
• Breathing normally under water
• Controlling your buoyancy so you neither descend nor ascend
• The easiest ways to enter and exit the water
• Getting water out of your mask
• Working with your buddy to assure a comfortable and fun dive

Scuba Gear for Every Level

Purchasing your mask, fins, and snorkel will make many new divers more comfortable in the water. We do have an option for rental of the masks, fins, and snorkel for the class.

Become a Certified Scuba Diver

During your classroom and pool training sessions, you must pass a written certification test. During open water training, you demonstrate what you have learned in the classroom or e-learning and pool.
Upon successful completion of your classroom training or e-learning, pool training sessions, and open water training dives, an Open Water Diver certification card will be awarded, and you will be a certified scuba diver.
Scuba Ventures certifies divers with Scuba Schools International (SSI) and the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). If you need to be certified through a specific agency or plan to do your open water training dives at a location other than Scuba Ventures, let us know.

Level 1 Open Water Diver

STEP 1: Start today by calling 222-DIVE to schedule an appointment and to receive your e-learning materials that allow the academics to be done in your own home and at your leisure.
STEP 2: Attend up to three informative, conversational academic sessions and 3 fun pool sessions at Scuba Ventures. You will have unlimited pool practice sessions, should you choose.
STEP 3: Attend your “Open Water” certification dives. You can choose from four options:
• Local open water sessions held monthly
• Scuba Ventures Caribbean Trip
• Private Open Water
• Universal Referral
Call us to schedule an appointment.
Thousands of people learn to scuba dive each year. Call us today to see how you can be the next. 
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