Scuba Gear

Scuba Gear for Every Level

Whether you are a beginner and looking to purchase or seasoned diver and need to update your equipment, Scuba Ventures of Shreveport has just what you need.

Only the Best in Scuba Equipment

The most comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable way to dive is with your own set of properly fitted scuba equipment. For the most up-to-date scuba equipment, you can always expect to find it at Scuba Ventures of Shreveport.

Complete Service Department

Is it time for your gear to be serviced? Most manufacturers recommend to service your gear every year or every 2 years. Many of these manufacturers pay for your parts as long as you have your gear serviced within the 1 or 2-year time frame of your gear. Let us be your first stop for top-of-the-line equipment sales and service.
Scuba Equipment

Save Money When You Rent Equipment

Rent scuba equipment and snorkeling packages for both local diving and diving vacations at Scuba Ventures. We will create a rental package designed to fit your specific needs.

Scuba equipment:
• Tanks
• Wetsuits
• Hoods
• Weightbelts or weights
• Nitrox compatible computers
• Regulator and 3 gauge console, including computer
• Buoyancy compensator

Scuba tank fills:
• Standard air fill
• Nitrox fill
• Stage bottle fill
• Oxygen fill

Rental policy:
There is no charge for the day you pick up the rental gear and the day you return it. Minimum rental period is two days.

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