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Do you want to explore the unknown? Ever wonder what it would be like to view life underwater?

Well don’t just sit there and dream about it!
Call Scuba Ventures today at 318-222-3483 and start seeing what has people so excited about diving!

Need a reason to get out of your backyard?
With Scuba Ventures you can be a certified diver and take trips to places all over the world! You can trust Scuba Ventures to assist you through learning to dive, they have over certified over 13,000 divers and have been the area’s leader in diving since 1975.

Providing you with quality gear and training safe divers
You don’t have to worry about a thing when you dive with Scuba Ventures because our training program combines experience, knowledge, skills, and equipment to ensure a great learning environment. When you purchase your own gear, we can guide you to the right equipment for your diving needs.

Get to Know Scuba Ventures:

  • Start Diving – Always wanted to scuba dive, we can get you on the right path
  • Training Courses – Several courses to improve your skills and knowledge
  • Learn To Dive Online - Convenient online dive course to get you in the water
  • Scuba Gear – Whether you need new gear, rentals or need some service done
  • Media – Take a look at trip photos and meet our staff and dive team
  • Dive Travel And Trips – Come and go diving with us on one of our trips that are out of this world
  • Forms – Miscellaneous forms
  • FAQs – Commonly asked questions to help you along
  • Newsletter – Stay up to date with the happenings at Scuba Ventures

 If you are interested in becoming a scuba diver or being certified, call Scuba Ventures today 318-222-3483!

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Start Diving Today - Shreveport, LA - Scuba Ventures
Start Diving Today - Shreveport, LA - Scuba Ventures
Start Diving Today - Shreveport, LA - Scuba Ventures

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